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  • July 17, 2023 5 min read

    Are you looking for an exciting and challenging way to enjoy cycling? Gravel is the answer. This modality has gained popularity in recent years, attracting adventurous cyclists looking to get off the traditional routes. In this article, we will explore:

    1. What is gravel?
    2. Main advantages of practicing gravel.
    3. What is a gravel bike like?
    4. Gravel vs MTB.
    5. Main characteristics of a gravel bike.
    6. The best gravel cyclists.
    7. The best gravel routes in Spain.
    8. New collection of gravel equipment "Sunflowers" from Horizon Sportwear.

    Get ready to enter the world of gravel and discover a unique experience on two wheels!

    What is gravel?

    Gravel is a cycling discipline that combines elements of road and mountain cycling. It is characterized by traveling dirt roads, gravel and varied terrain, providing an unusual experience. Unlike the road, gravel allows you to explore new places, get away from traffic and connect with nature. It is a perfect option for those looking to escape monotony and discover new horizons on two wheels.

    Main advantages of practicing gravel

    Gravel offers a number of advantages that make it especially attractive to cyclists. First of all, versatility is key. You can adapt your route according to your preferences, avoiding the restrictions of paved roads. Additionally, the comfort of a gravel bike allows you to tackle difficult terrain without compromising your position on the bike. The feeling of freedom and adventure you experience when exploring new paths is simply incomparable.

    What is a gravel bike like?

    A gravel bike is specifically designed to withstand the challenges of mixed terrain. It has wider tires with greater grip to face uneven surfaces. It also tends to have a more relaxed geometry than a road bike, making it more comfortable on long rides. Additionally, gravel bikes often come with features that allow you to mount luggage racks and fenders, making them a perfect choice for adventure trips.

    Gravel vs MTB

    If you're wondering what the difference is between gravel and mountain biking (MTB), we'll explain it here. Although both disciplines share off-road terrain, gravel focuses more on the adventure and exploration aspect. MTB bikes are ideal for technical and challenging terrain, while gravel bikes allow you to ride longer distances and enjoy speed on mixed roads. In the end, the choice depends on your preferences and the type of experience you are looking for.

    Main characteristics of a gravel bike

    1. Sturdy Frame: A gravel bike should have a sturdy and durable frame to withstand demanding terrain. It is usually made of high-strength steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber.
    2. Wide tires: Tires are an essential part of a gravel bike. They should be wider than those of a road bike, providing greater traction and stability on uneven terrain. Common sizes range from 35mm to 45mm.
    3. Generous clearance: The clearance between the tires and the frame is greater on a gravel bike. This allows wider tires to be used and prevents the build-up of mud or dirt from hindering movement.
    4. Versatile Geometry: The geometry of a gravel bike falls between that of a road bike and an MTB. It's more relaxed than a road bike, providing greater comfort on long rides. In addition, it provides stability and control on descents and technical terrain.
    5. Suitable handlebars: The most common handlebars on gravel bikes are the road handlebars (drop bar) and the mountain bike handlebars (flat bar). Both offer different grip positions to suit different terrain and riding styles.
    6. Accessory Mounts : Gravel bikes often have mounts for luggage racks, fenders, and other accessories. This allows you to carry extra cargo on your adventures and keep you prepared for any weather conditions.
    7. Proper transmission: Gravel bikes usually have a wider gear transmission than road bikes. This allows you to tackle steep climbs and fast descents with greater ease. They may also have smaller chainrings at the front to make pedaling easier on difficult terrain.

    The best gravel cyclists

    In the world of gravel, we find elite cyclists who stand out for their skill and passion for this sport. Among them is the talented Spanish cyclist Alejandro Valverde , known for his incredible career in road cycling. Valverde has ventured into gravel, leaving his mark in important competitions and taking the name of Spain to the top in this discipline.

    The other cyclists who are at the top of gravel are:

    1. Ted King : Known as the "King of Gravel," Ted King is an American cyclist who has made his mark in numerous gravel competitions. He is recognized for his determination, resilience and technical skills.

    2. Alison Tetrick : Tetrick is an American professional cyclist who has proven her dominance in gravel. She has participated in important events and has achieved outstanding results, becoming a reference for female cyclists in this discipline.

    3. Laurens ten Dam: This Dutch cyclist, known for his participation in the Tour de France, has also ventured into gravel. Ten Dam has demonstrated its versatility and ability to adapt to different terrains, achieving good results in gravel competitions.

    4. Amity Rockwell: Rockwell is an American cyclist who has conquered important gravel races. Her skill and resistance have made her one of the main female figures in this modality.

    5. Colin Strickland: This American cyclist has left a strong impression on the world of gravel. Strickland has won major titles, including the famous "Dirty Kanza" event, demonstrating his dominance on gravel terrain.

    The best gravel routes in Spain

    Spain offers a wide variety of gravel routes for all skill levels. From the mountainous landscapes of the Pyrenees to the coastal paths of the Mediterranean, there are options for all tastes. Highlights include routes such as the Transpirenaica, the Senda del Oso in Asturias and the Vía Verde de la Sierra in Cádiz. These places will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of Spain while you immerse yourself in the exciting adventure of gravel.

    Horizon Sportwear's new "Sunflowers" gravel gear collection

    And now, I present to you the new "Sunflowers" collection from Horizon Sportwear. This collection is designed with the most demanding gravel riders in mind. With high-quality garments and advanced technology, "Sunflowers" combines style, comfort and performance.

    From breathable t-shirts and jerseys to ergonomic shorts, this collection will provide you with everything you need to excel on your gravel rides. Don't miss the opportunity to look amazing while conquering new paths with "Sunflowers".

    Gravel cycling is an exciting and challenging experience that allows you to explore new horizons on two wheels. With its versatility, comfort and the sense of freedom it offers, gravel has become a popular choice among adventure cyclists. Don't forget to follow in the footsteps of the best gravel riders, like Alejandro Valverde, and explore the incredible routes that Spain has to offer.

    And of course, don't miss the opportunity to discover Horizon Sportwear's new "Sunflowers" collection, which will elevate your style and performance to the next level.

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